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Latest Updates Information : As at 16 July 2018

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ! ! !

Installing the new .NET POS updates

Please note if you a service contract client and have registered for auto updates (From Tools Menu) – You will receive updates every-time they available.

If not please click on this link :-
Then right click on pos-upd.exe and click on Save Target As then insert in file name pos-upd.exe and below this at Save as Type choose : – All Files. If the location is not desktop where the file is to be saved then choose browse and change the location to save the pos-upd.exe file to the desktop. Once the pos-upd.exe file is saved on the desktop double click on it to install.

If parameter 249 is set will now automate backup on exit of program.

M.B.Sports (Hammond) had brought it to our attention that when he edits a size matrix the groups are not updated – we have fixed this so that the groups now also get updated.

Now if promotional prices are updated at Head Office and when an Invoice is made to a branch account the exoported file will carry forward that promotion.(Motozone BW)

Timber City changes to custom stationary (8 – 52 lines)

Changes 1 to 30 June 2018

Parameter 452 introduced

452 – Insert 1 to not show dispatch screen for PROFORMA’s (Timber City)

Now it’s possible to auto login to the CompuByte POS program with opertaor credentials pre-set into the shortcut. To do this you right click on the shortcut then choose properties and in the target you insert the operator number and password. Example of the properties field will look like this :- “C:\Program Files\CompuByte\” 1 1234

Parameter 451 introduced

451 – Insert 1 to Allow delivery note on all documents (normally only CASH Invoice and LayBuys allowed delivery) – (Bobs Hardware)

Parameter 312 now for smaller thermal printers (32 column)

Parameter 450 introduced

450 – Insert the company number to explicately show on export files *used when multi companies share same stock* (TimberCity)

Parameter 449 introduced

449 – Insert 1 to only websync selling price three (<C=) for shopping carts (special parameters insert <C= Example <C=9.99) – (web2go)

Parameter 448 introduced

448 – Insert 1 for delivery dispatch radio button to be set to default or 2 to be set for print no prices but total. (TimberCity)

Laybuy quicker searches.

Changes made 1 to 31 May 2018

Introduced “Retrievable Documents” on main POS form. Easily view and access documents for reprints etc.

Now all exports files will be double checked for correct prices. Quotations made when converted will be checked for quantities in stock before invoicing – any quoted items having no stock available will be zerorised if parameter 198 is set with an access code.

Parameter 447 introduced

447 – Insert Message of (slip printer only) dispatch document – Seperate lines with / (Timber City)

Introduced Fix Duplicated Documents in Edit CompuByte Data – This utility is to be used if a day end merge fails and the documents are duplicated.

Introduced Document Analysis to CASH UP Slip.

Now backup of important files are done to terminal c drive on exit of program of any terminal – log of all backups done will be on server drive \back-m\backup-log.txt

On startup after power failure – Input Past End error fix.

Paramater 446 introduced.

446 – Insert number of lines to feed after dispatch print on slip printer (Timber City)

Changes made 1 to 30 April 2018

Paramater 445 introduced.

445 – Insert 1 to enable LARGE print of documents on A4 on top right (Timber City)

Introduced in Special Parameter field [P0 which is used in Butcheries where a full carcass is reduced in cost value by percentage example [PO12 in special parameter field will reduce units cost by 12%

Parameter 444 introduced

444 – Insert name of Dispatch One Location and Dispatch Two Location seperated by / Example: Timber City / Motala’s

Parameter 443 introduced.

443 – Insert 1 if this is a SPOTON laundry outlet. **** Please note only use this PARAMETER if you a SPOT ON outlet ****

Parameter 442 introduced.

442 – Insert 1 to disable = search in index (Faraday) – Right mouse click on listview of index.

Now all parameter changes are logged in Access Usage (View this from Main Menu)

Fixed transfers to Head Office.

Changes made 1 to 31 March 2018

Improved search on equal part numbers – Now if you see a part number in the listview with an equavalent reference “=” you can right click on it and see the stock of it’s equivalent references – (Ismial Faraday Spares)

Parameter 387 – Operators that are not allowed to see stock values ; now also in stock capture module (Multiserv)

Parameter 340 – ScreenSaver now has a slash parameter for time ALARM must go on !

For South African customers charging vat; at day end of the 31 March 2018 make sure you change parameter 206 to 15ZA (Make sure you set all terminals to this). If you have more than one companies on your PC with different rates then make sure you insert the vat rate for each company like this for 3 companies 15ZA=1/0=2/15ZA=3 (This example will zero rate vat for company 2 and charge vat of 15% for companies 1 and 3)

Please note ***** If you ignore the above info on Vat you will be auto prompted by the program in April 2018 to insert Vat rate.

Changes made 1 to 28 February 2018

Now when stock take is done using stock capture – stock files backup will be done to \back-m\dayoftheweek\emergency -> with time

Update size is much smaller now – will download flash logo.gif to \programs

Parameter 441 introduced

441 – Insert how many minutes must websync (Ftp output) sync (Example 30) if left blank it will sync every 60 minutes.

In stock take module – not-stk.txt file characters formatted correctly.

Parameter 417 now only numeric search.

Changes made 1 to 31 January 2018

Websync now included in installation.

A few program enhancements.

Changes made 1 to 31 December 2017

Restore stock groups have a function to match stock with grid stock.

Changes made 1 to 30 November 2017

Parameter 439 and 440 introduced.

439 – Insert 1 if All Passwords are to be entered remotely (insert 1* if only log file is created to be viewed by terminals that have parameter 440 set).

440 – Insert password for Remote Entry of password ( If set will prompt on this terminal to insert a password for other terminals) – Insert * for password if no password prompt is required only a display of where passwords were used.

With the two above parameters you can now set up terminals that will get its passwords from another terminal/s you set up or just show on these terminals what passwords were used during POS transactions. Feel free to call our support line +27 11 791 3763 if you don’t fully understand how these two parameters work.

Parameter 438 introduced

438 – Insert Company Number where dispatch CSV file is to be created (Timber City)

Fixed ! When creating an export file and company info is requested ; if company does not exist will warn you ! (Padu)

Extended email enhancements.

Changes made 1 to 31 October 2017

Parameter 437 introduced

437 – Insert 1 if you don’t want to print LOGO on slip from Flash of Printer – (for currupted logo’s head moves only once on print)

Parameter 436 introduced

436 – Insert 1**10 to allow ALT X to be used to easily change companies in Point of Sale using access level 10 – (Timber City) – if **10 is not inserted will not ask for access code

Paramter 435 introduced

435 – Insert 1 to keep cost/ sell 1 / sell 2 / sell 3 / promo price as Head Office prices when inter branch transfers are being made (use this parameter at Head Office) [Blades & Triggers]

Parameter 434 introduced.

434 -Insert 1 to print dispatch slips only to thermal slip printers (both dispatch points must have a slip printer)

For takeaways/restuarants a new function has been introduced for bundled discounts; example R169 for two large pizzas and a 2L Drink. You will first have to create a code in menu items group for this promotional bundle with a zero selling price (you just describe the promotion in the description field example: R169.90 2 X Large Pizzas and 2L Drink) – You then in the same code in the SPECIAL PARAMETER field insert [BX3=169.90>-30|8]. What this function means is that any two pizzas and a drink (3 items) can be sold with a maximum promotional discount value of -30) using promotional discount filter |8. You have to insert also in the special parameter field of the promotional items sold |8; to accept these items only.

When doing a sale you will first use the code displaying the promotion and then begin to ringup the items customer chooses from the promotion. If you want to permanently also link codes to this promotion you can do so by inserting the [LK function which is used like this [LK=1-2/1-3]

Parameter 433 introduced.

433 – Insert 1 not to remind you of quotations converted to other documents (Gemmabloom)

Parameter 432 introduced.

432 – Insert the IP address Example of the server or the server name Example Server where date and time is to be checked from – If you have a few terminals connected to a server and you need to make sure that the terminal dates are always sync’ed with the server set this parameter – When setting this pararmeter always make sure your server date and time is correct. [A]

Parameter 431 introduced.

431 -Insert 1 if you want a LOGO on your cash slips. if parameter 402 is set and if you have not downloaded your logo to the printer directly. (Please note if you going to use this you must have you own logo called logo-s.jpg in the \programs directory of your server and the correct driver installed for your printer). You can also insert next to the 1 the height in pixels of the logo Example : 1=200 – If you have seperate companies running on the same pc with different logo’s you can insert a “>” . Example 1=100> – Please note if you do use > you must have a logo file called logo-s2.jpg (where 2 is the company number) in your programs directory.

Latest Updates Information : As at 30 September 2017

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ! ! !

Installing the new .NET POS updates

Please note if you a service contract client and have registered for auto updates (From Tools Menu) – You will receive updates every-time they available.

If not please click on this link :-
Then right click on pos-upd.exe and click on Save Target As then insert in file name pos-upd.exe and below this at Save as Type choose : – All Files. If the location is not desktop where the file is to be saved then choose browse and change the location to save the pos-upd.exe file to the desktop. Once the pos-upd.exe file is saved on the desktop double click on it to install.

Changes made 1 to 30 September 2017

Parameter 430 introduced.

430 – Insert 1 to use inter branch size requests (will check every two minutes for size requests)

Now if you have multiple branches and if you viewing sizes accross branches you can immediately request for a specific size from another branch. Please note, depending on network traffic it could take up to two minutes before the message appears at the branch you requesting from.

Para 208 (Password for Account Customers) is now active even if a Quotation is retreived and converted.

Parameter 429 introduced to display on laybuy slip expiry date. If the laybuy becomes overdue(expired) program will inform you by how many days its overdue.

429 – Insert -1 if you don’t want to display expiry date of Lay Buy or insert number of days the lays buys will be kept. (Example 15)

Now under Tools, Changing cost and Selling Prices you have an option to create a CipherLab Stock File which allows you change stock values in the data grid and later upload this file via the stock capture module.

Now in posting of cash book entries you can transfer amounts between various bank account. You can now also choose which bank account to pay a creditor with when making a payment ~ this will auto post to the correct bank account at day end.

Now if you using SIZING you can also have serial number tracking for non-sizing items (H&T) – Serial number insertions can be done by setting parameter 374 to 1 and at selling price pressing the insert key.

Now if a second, third or promo price is used and indicator in brackets next to the plu code will be displayed.

If you are doing inter-branch sales you can now insert <BRAS next to company name for export invoice to be generated with selling price. For cost to be selling 1 and selling to be selling two (Blades & Triggers) you can insert <BRAB at head office PC

Parameter 427 and 428 introduced.

427 – Insert 1 to suppress discount prompt for selling price 2 and 3 – (
428 – Insert 1 to add Catalogue details to Auto Ordering list – next to PLU in brackets (

Now when you click on day end button you can also do a cash drop. Cash drops are handy if you cash up a few times a day to clear the till cash – You can also get a report of all the cash drops you did for the day before you do an actual end day cashup.

Introduced correction of Aging DR’s and CR’s in TOOLS

Enhancments to STOCK TAKE module – not taken stock now shows also zero value stocks not taken !!

Changes made 1 to 31 August 2017

Parameter 426 introduced – Insert 1 to suppress searches of barcoded items by descriptions in cash sales (Sjj Supermarkets)

Dummy Cash Up incorporated into day end.

Now sytem will remind you if quotations were retreived and converted to Cash Sales or Invoices.

Now if you have numeric Plu’s you can quickly search for them by entering the number plus the ` (acute symbol) . Example if you have a plu that is referenced as 1000 then you would just enter 1000`

Paramater 425 introduced – Insert Number of line items to display in A4 form before a line feed is iniatiated Example 17 (StoneCo)

Insert Number of line items to display in A4 form before a line feed is iniatiated Example 17 (StoneCo)
You can now display your own company email address on all emails by clicking on Change company on Login Form and then choosing Edit.

Dispatch Module incorporated into POS – You can now after ending the document choose which items must print out to dispatch printers – This is handy if you have a warehouse setup and the customer needs to collect stock items at a particular point where the printer resides. You can also insert *D next to the description of a stock item to directly mark that item for dispatch 1 (You can also set a whole group to print to dispatch 1 by adding next to the description of the group *D).

Parameter 423 and 424 is setup from quick setup to display the names of the printers where dispatch of stock occurs.

Now if a stock capture/take is done and all groups or specific group is ticked a backup will first be done to the data drive in \back-m\(dayofweek)\emergency before and update is done !

Changes made 1 to 31 July 2017

Now you can check the integrity of a file in the datagrid for DR’s and CR’s accounts.

If parameter 335 is set (view details of what was sold in transaction file) will now highlight in red all minus quantities.

Rounding accuracy on cents fixed on document totals.

Para 422 introduced : Enter an Access Level code for Initiating Stock Capture/Take Form in Point of Sale Example **8 or **9

WIll now log all stock captures in Access Code Usage (from Main Menu)

Now on sizing screen you have a stock analysis button.

Now in datagrid you can remove S: from Descriptions – SheSHA

Changes made 1 to 30 June 2017

Now on sizing input Screen is maximised.

Now level 10 passwords for “T” “D” and “R” on Slip Management.

Will now check for file corruption before indexing stock files.

Now creates a log file with date in directory management for Dashboard.

Fixed parameter 10 for discount prompt to work when disable’d i.e set to 2.

Fixed Bug in stock capture for Multiserv.

Changes made 1 to 31 May 2017

Introducing ROBOCOPY in unscheduled backups you can however still use XCOPY by setting parameter parameter 420 to 1 – Also introduced parameter 421 for older servers not supporting /MT:32

If you are not using Microsoft Excel or don’t have Excel loaded on your PC then you can download from a free version of word,presentations and spreadsheets. This program can then be integrated with CompuByte software by setting parameter 287 to 2.

Now the program will attach a PDF file to all STATEMENTS sent.

Now you can send emails to all overdue accounts – Choose Debtors Age Report then choose Schedule Payment Report – Charge Interest – Letters. You can also create a customized letter which must be written in notepad and saved in the \CSV directory.

Fixed printing error on Multiple Paid Outs.

Changes made 1 to 30 April 2017

Now Interest chargeable on overdue accounts.

Trust Furn – Revolving credit enhancements (with RC program to convert old accounts)

Para 419 introduced – Insert 1 for diabling deletion of proforma and auto change document (Ismial Cassim)

Para 418 introduced – Insert 1 for in sizing matrix to also show what size items are on back order (Ismail Cassim)

Some program enhancements. . .

Changes made 1 to 31 March 2017

Now in TOOLS next to Edit CompuByte Data you have an menu option to clear Customer/Supplier Back Orders or Sold to Date values (MULTISERV)

You can now use CipherLAB scanners to do stock checks(takes).

Para 417 introduced – Insert 1 if you using numeric barcodes only on scans (LAHERS)

Now Screen Maximised on POS display.

Now discount round off parameter 98 will not allow below cost to discount ! !

If your software is not still registered please call the office on +27 11 791 3763 or +27 11 024 5939

Program Registration enhancement made.

Changes made 1 to 28 February 2017

All new registration of software – Please do re-register your software ! !

LayBuy Enhancements made.

Parameters introduced:-

415 -Insert Miniumum percentage of deposit required on a LayBuy (3rdBase Abel) Example 30

416 -Insert number of days to display on startup of program -> Laybuys for collection (3rdBase Abel) Example 83

WIth many large screens now available we have now allowed maximizing of our Point of Sale Main Screen to fit entire screen – all you have to do is just maximize the screen (Square Button top right of screen)

If you using sizing and using promotional price for selling price two on your lables – on re-print it will now display selling price two correctly !

Parameter 414 introduced :- Insert 1 if you a Restaurant Outlet and want to monitor Tables (Customer Orders)
This new parameter is introduced for Restuarants – Now auto creates tables 1 to 200 monitoring each sale per table.

Changes made 1 to 31 January 2017

Now enhancements made to Auto Debits and Credits – You can insert Banking Details and also generate collection csv file for bank.

A happy and prosperous NEW YEAR ! !

Changes made 1 to 31 December 2016

We have received many requests from our clients using the cash book that on day end when they post to the cash book; credit card sales must be posted for the next day – we have now made this change.
For credit card payments made on Friday and Saturday will be reflected on Monday.

Parameter 413 introduced :- Insert Currency details on A4 Invoices Example (ZAR South African Rands)

ExVat Total on A4 print when vat is inclusive.

Crystal Reports fix

Now on pressing f4 key and then zero, system won’t crash.

Changes made 1 to 30 November 2016

Now when a laybuy is taken and if reprint is made won’t double laybuy taken values.

Parameter Settings Enhanced.

Parameter 260/261 – Now time interval’s retained in quick setup on saving !

Parameter 412 introduced : Insert the password level to use if Parameter 296 (Access to stock Analysis) is setup (if left blank will use level 10)- Example : 7 will use level 7

Parameter 296 now level 10 default

If para 411 is setup will Auto Run websync.exe

Suppress reverse print of messages on Star POS printers (Subwear)

Changes made 1 to 31 October 2016

Now we have integrated with websync.exe to shopping carts using Shopify see parameter 411. (Subwear)

Now paramater settings also in drop down menu – Tools

We have often got support calls after compubyte files have been deleted by operators – we now have encrypted and hidden all compubyte data files so you won’t be able to see them anymore.

Now if you use in Goods Receiving an account called STOCK ADJUSTMENT or PRICE CHANGES the Supplier Field will not change.

Now you can WhatsApp within CompuByte all you have to do is press F12 and 9 when you in the POS screen.

Parameter 410 introduced – Insert 1 to Set command to cut paper in Star POS Printers (Subwear)

Fixed Selling price for Branch on Lables when parameter 252 is set. (CrossOver)

If you using slip management module – now a backup is done before deletion of slip file to \backup-slips\slips-(MM-yyyy)

Parameter 409 introduced – Insert 1 to show zero rated and not exempted on reports (Rani-Traders Namibia)

If price increased won’t show negative discount on cash slip.

Parameter 408 introduced – 1 to disable prompts for customer order (delete order) – (Ismial Cassim)

Now a prompt for Slip print out on Sales Analysis (won’t auto print)

Changes made 1 to 30 September 2016

At the bottom of your POS screen (left) ; you will always see the number of databases you have; if this number is above 100 000 or bigger then what you think it should be – please do call our office and we will truncate this file for you.

Added extra columns to Dr’s Ageing Report (Telephone/Terms/Rep) – You now also have an option to view accounts with zero balances. Also bottom left of this report you can view all new Dr’s created from a date. (FS Industrial)

Parameter 407 introduced – Insert 1 to show in dashboard report each and every transaction made (Figo)

Fixed extended emails for Order with Suppliers (FS Industrial)

Parameter 406 introduced – 1 to disable duplicate INV checking for GRN’s (Muhammed Mussa)

Parameter 405 introduced for A&M Spares – disable auto search of orders in GRN

Now when doing a GRN and if you have back orders (Supplier orders) it will give you a grid of the orders placed when you doing an INPUT . . .

You can also now next to a Group Description insert [DC:? (Where ? mark is percentage discount to be taken of the cost when inputing Supplier orders/grn’s in that specific group)

Parameter 404 introduced – Insert 1 for Special Parameter for Ismial Cassim (detailed description in stock description entry)

Parameter 403 introduced – Insert 1 to keep Sales Order Number Sequence same as Invoicing Sequence (Ismial Cassim) – IF set will always have to do a Sales Order before making an Invoice (Ismial Cassim) – Caution if this parameter is setup you will always have to do a pickig slip before you can Invoice

Changes made to 1 to 31 August 2016

Now when you enter a Creditors Invoice Number the program will check if you have already processed same (Riya – Ghandhi)

Now will auto check for duplicate laybuy accounts and use existing Account. (even large databases) Also fixed – search for telephone numbers Example -0824104777

Now Cash Draw opens when Receipts/Paid outs and Sales Analysis are printed.

Parameter 402 introduced – Insert Name of Slip Printer (If this is inserted all USB POS Slip printers will be directly supported without redirection) – You can also use Quick Setup – New installation to choose Name of Slip Printer there – will auto detect.

Parameter 401 introduced – Insert 1 to disable stock match in Update Stock fields using CSV file (Extra Light Group – Nikunj)

KS AUTO SPARES (RANDBURG) – Now Creditors Transactions have detailed references by clicking on blue button on the bottom right of datagrid. (Before only showed first six characters)

With some versions of windows 8 and 10 if the date format is incorrect the file stored dates become corrupted in Drs/Cr’s Accounts – This update will auto fix these incorrect dates. (file info:-integDRCR in \compu)

Changes made to 1 to 30 July 2016

Further enhanced the [DQ functionality below :- Now it will combine all sales for the specific item and then apply a discount where applicable. Example you may sell 10 bags of sugar in entry 2 and then scan a few items after that; then again sell 41 bags of sugar it will combine all the sugars and give a R10 discount on the selling price.

(Rani) Introducing using special parameter for quantity discounts example of such if 1-50 Sugar bags purchased you get less R5 off normal price – if you buy 51-100 you get less R10 off normal price and if you buy 101-200 you get less R15 off normal price. To set this up all you do is edit the stock code you want to and insert in the special parameter the following :-

[DQ 1-50=-5/51-100=-10/101-200=-15]

(You must ensure to have the open square bracket and the close square bracket.)

Also note as in this example if you sell more than 200 then automatically the program will use -15.

There is also a special parameter [Q which only works on fast mode (No insertion of quantity accepts one only (LAXMI)) – For example you sell three marie biscuit packets for R25 and individually you sell each at R10 then you would insert in the special parameter [Q3=25].

Introduced parameter 399 and 400 for Levants :-

399 – Insert 1 for Levant parameters suppress Sales Order prompts ***
400 – Insert 1 for Levant – dont print prices on proforma’s only total

Parameter 398 introduced -> Insert 1 to sort columns which clicking on column header in searching (Insert 1 only if you really need this feauture as it slows down searches and could simulate a hang of system ) – NewKayo.

Better memory handling introduced (GL.collect)

Fixed extended email sending for Customer Orders using Debtors database.

Changes made to 1 to 30 June 2016

Fixed export files accounts.

Parameter 397 introduded : – Insert 1 to display Salesperson number and insertion of password when ending a document. (Levant) – When using this parameter you must ensure that each salesperson has a passwword ; you can do this by right clicking on the salesperson details and editing the salespersons details – you can set the password by insert the salespersons name followed by a back slash and then the password Example:- BASIT /1234 – Notes for our client Levant > Set parameter 165 also > parameter 233 to 9 >

Parameter 396 introduced : – Insert 1 to use [LQ link codes in (Recipe) Bill of Materials Maintenance – TSE Big Max ( Do not set this parameter if you using Bill of Materials i.e Restaurant/Manufacturing etc )- This parameter allows you to set the special parameters with the Recipe interface which is more simple. Explanation on how the [LQ works is shown below :-

Lets assume you assemble a computer which has stock items from your current stock file.

So when you invoice the computer all the stock items used in the assembly are auto listed when the computer code 1-1 is wrung up.

I will give you an example:-

The Computer code is 1-1
The Computer case is code 2-1 price is R500
The Computer motherboard is code 2-2 price is R1000
The Computer memory is code 3-1 and you use two memory modules ; price of each module is R250
The computer Hard Drive is code 4-1 price is R850.00

Now if you insert the following in special parameters in Computer code 1-1
[LQ=2-1X1>500/2-2X1>1000/3-1X2X250/4-1X1>850] —> This is auto inserted via the Recipe (Bill of Material Maitenance) module found under stock reports.

Once the formulae above is inserted into the special parameters in stock code 1-1;
on invoicing the system will auto insert the rest of the items listed for the assembly,

The above can be also used in creating a hamper of products etc.

Fixed datefile corruption.

Now when searching in Point of Sale ; you can click on any of the column headers and it will sort the list (Ascending or Decending)

A few program enhancements. . .

Removed support for Ammyy Admin only using Teamviewer now on ONLINE SUPPORT.

Changes made 1 to 31 May 2016

Speed up loading of files in Editing CompuByte data.

Final release of ZIMRA ftp transfers.

Now if you using para 306 and doing credit notes – correct salesperson from original document will be displayed.

ZIMRA (Zimbabwe) Now directly sent sales info as an XML file to Zimra – Parameters to be set 351 /392 /393 / 394/ 395 (392 393 394 are just extra fields)

Parameter 306 fixed – Link Operators to Salespersons

Now crystal reports are embedded into the datagrid so when you view a stock/debtors/creditors account you can instantly click on view crystal report at bottom of the grid.

Done some cosmetic changes – Launch of phone to cloud moved to end June 2016.

Next to Stock Pics is a new button called Stock Srch – this is a new search option optimised for stores that have sizing and they quickly need to search through their stock files for a specific stock size and color etc. Often customers would like to know what stock you have in a particular size and this program handles this so efficiently.

Changes made 1 to 30 April 2016

You can now print a stock sheet to a particular date Example as at 28/02/2015 – by choosing Quick Stock Print from Stock Reports.

Parameter 391 introduced to force the use of only 2 decimal points.

Parameter 165 introduced to insert an access code level to delete or edit any line item in POS. (Muhammed Mussa)

Now selling price can have three decimal points .

Auto updates fixed.

In stock analysis of individual items lay buy stock not taken now fixed.

You can now archive old cash book entries by Financial year.

Now cost and selling on Bill of materials fixed as well as list of items to create recipe on goods receiving is listed (Gemmabloom)

Now serial cash slip printers supported through COM ports directly in quick setup.

Editing plus items with numeric values fixed ! !

Changes made 1 to 31 March 2016

If you have pictures for your stock items and now when you do Supplier ordering you can view and print your analysis in color to a printer. ( extra button blue/white at left bottom screen of data grid)

Improved error handling.

Date for Launch of Phone to cloud moved to End April 2016.

Further enchanced error processing.

Now bypass Empty codes when you edited prices from Tools.

Now on Backup’s unscheduled – you have a quick tick option . . . This will auto untick B0 and STORE-3 directories.

Few enhancements done :- Parameter update now on double click / Search in CompuByte Edit Data / Update info enhance with search function.

Introduced parameter 389 and 390 – both for new phone to cloud !

Stock Capture (for stock takes) better enhanced . . .

Changes made to 1-29 February 2016

Preparing CompuByte for scanning using phones (for stock take and also inserting to POS list window) Will be ready by End March 2016.

Will auto update software to most recent version

Now number of Groups will always match groups description lines.

Now there will be no loss of document seq on a system crash after recovery !

Set the Maximum stock items in a group to 32000.

New parameter 388 introduced.

Now all updates will auto prompt to update by inserting 1 in parameter 388 you will disable this feature.

You can temp store a document and retreive later by pressing ALT and D keys.

Re-Use stock codes under TOOLS now fixed – helpful to remove old codes not used over a period of time.

Now if the terminal disconnects from the server no document will be generated and a tmp file will be stored for re-doing document lost ! !

Now if you insert a salesperson number in the Debtors Account field [ S/Code-A/code ] this number will auto update the salesperson details – Please note if you do later change the salesperson for any account the program will auto change the salesperson for you. Now usuable with parameter 251 (BigMax/FS Industrials).

Error handling further enhanced.

Changes made to 1-31 January 2016

Better error handling introduced for drive disconnections to server.

Now search index to 9 characters (TSE Big Max)

Removed all dependencies on Adobe Flash – logo off on company change.

Changes made to 26 December 2015

New Parameter 387 – Insert Operator numbers that cannot view stock values (Insert / after each operator) Example 2/3/5/ will stop operators 2,3 and 5 not to view stock (don’t forget last slash)

For Multiserve – further enhanced use of [AS in special parameters now in fast mode ALLOWS price change.

If parameter 332 is set (not to be able to change prices) then by inserting [AS in special parameters of any stock code will allow changing of prices for that item. (Multiserv)

New Parameter 386 – Insert 1 if you want print outs on cash slips to have 2nd line Units:Price-exVat:Vat:Price-IncVat:Total and on A4 paper Plu | Description | Units | Price-exVat | Vat | Price-IncVat | Total (works only with stores that Vat is set exclusive) – [RAO JNR TRADING / BRASS]

Now searches improved for barcodes – Rani Traders

Bob Shoes logoff (Change terminal number) application restart done.

Changes made to 27 Novenber 2015

Now backUps all bank accounts also on exit of program.

In Quick Set Up now support for cash drawer (para 14) connected to printer [P.

Parameter 40 (average(rationalize) of cost) now fixed for negetive stock values.

New Parameter 385 – [BRA] Insert Drive letter and colon where the parameters (Para-n Files) will reside on a multicompany setup on one network Example C:

Program updated and compiled now in Visual Studio 2015

Now you can save your data files to DropBox or OneDrive – You could choose the one click option from Tools -> Backup to DropBox | OneDrive or From main menu choose transfer to Head Office then choose the DropBox | OneDrive as the destination directory – Make sure that parameter 384 is set to the location where your dropbox or onedrive resides on. If para 384 is set when you do a day end it will auto prompt you to do a backup to your DropBox or OneDrive.

For shoebox introduced [LK in Catalogue field – If parameter 361 is set to 1 i.e percentage discount structures based on // usage – You can now just link the group you want the discount to apply to. So for example you want any stock code to use the discount structure of a group you will insert that group number after the [LK.

Now a CSV file intergrity checker in Tools Menu

New Parameter 383 – Insert 1 to show focused window for branch h/0 updater (S&K)

Now transfers group names over from Head Office to branches – Please make sure parameter 382 is set to your haed office company number.

New Parameter 382 – <BRA> Insert the numeric Company Number which is the Head Office in a multi company set up.

Rani scaled items using [K and referencing first six characters now uses correct pricing.

Now the dashboard (managemenet reports) not affected by updates . .

EXports files now always deleted after used.

Changes made to 2-30 October 2015

New paramerter 381 – Insert 1 to remove (truncate) trailing cents on labels Example R700.00 will display as R700

New parameter 380 – Insert 1 to disable reverse print on slip printers

New parameter 379 – disable double cut on slip printers like ellix30 sam4s

New parameter 378 introduced for Laxmi Supermarkets only !

New Parameter 377 introduced – Insert 1 to not allow backdating on Sales Reports (only allowed with access level 10) RaniTraders.

Now default backup level is 7 unless specifically changed in parameter 263.

New version for zipping files 7z

If you want to explicately disallow any discounts (even in slow mode) you can set parameter 10 to 2.

Fixed date save to CSV in DataGrid to correct format

Changes made to 2-28 September 2015

Fixed grand totals view sales Multiple companies.

Selling Price on labels formatted propertly with trailing zeros’

If you have a store with sizing grids ; you can now insert on the sample label a sizing grid – edit your label tamplate (label.blf) and then create a text object(Click on large A) then right click on the object created choose more properties then From data grid -> choose sizegrid from drop down select. (Bhamjee’s Shoes)

Sleeker error control (VI)

New Parameter 376 – Insert name of file for quotation logo in a4 PAPER (Example logo-q) Leave blank if logo is same as other documents. (Stone-co)

You can now view exempt sales (zero vat’ed sales) in View Totals (Sales Analysis)

New Parameter 375 – Insert 1 to suppress Analysis Totals in stock history Report(Rani)

Fixed arrow keys on LOGO screen POS

Trans file can now be recreatable from audit file

Changes made to 7-30 August 2015

Audit file now in Month Year format for quicker access

Improved error handling on ending document . . .

New Parameter 374 – Insert 1 to insert SERIAL numbers for stock items using the INS key (Insert Key)

Parameter 373 introduced to slow down slip printers in stores where printer does not support multiple prints copies print outs.

Parameter 26 – now usable to disallow use of minus input of quantity *requires access code*

New Parameter 372 – will disable re-print of documents F7. . (Rani Group)

If you now insert a [I next to <BRA in any account it will then show up this account in transaction file as account sales (Riya)

New Parameter 371 introduced – You can now set a level password for saving a CSV file (if left blank will use level 10)

If parameter 358 is set (maximum selling price reduction percentage) then no further discount is allowed (Al-Capone stores)

New parameter introduced para 370 – If you now need to use selling price two you can now insert “[” at sold at or insert “]” for selling price three.

Now allows access to credit notes for <BRA accounts with access only using password parameter 323 (Riya Eng)

Changes made to 25-31 July 2015

Now introduced parameter 369 – you can set the display of the special deals (F12 key) form to your own requirements. Works well for UMS clients (Supermarkets)

Scheduled Payments now have number of days overdue . .

Now in parameter 87 (Slip management) you can also insert a A for routing Account Sales also to Slip Management Console.

Changes made to 14-21 July 2015

Now you can see at the bottom of POS screen the laybuy cost in coded form for even retreived laybuys.

Date sync correctly in Shecdule Payment (installment sales) with regional settings.

Now full mirror of stock files is made while processing – so if you have a power failure and you updating a stock file it will be auto recovered for you. Further enhanced with data integrity checking.

Changes made to 6 July 2015

New Paramater 368 : Insert 1 to disable phasers sound on startup and to stop beep at point of sale (Set for stores who play in store music through PC)

Changes made up to 4 July 2015

In Special Deals (f12) full UMS – integration – download of zip files from UMS servers (Rani Group Namibia)

Changes made up to 1 July 2015

If network is lost to server the system won’t now default to c drive.

Changes made up to 09 June 2015

Now you can view last document created on the terminal in Main POS Screen.

Changes made up to 29 May 2015

New parameter 367 : Insert number of characters to use from a barcode scan Example : 12 (Nuts about You)

New parameter 366 : Insert 1 if you want to be prompted to print header (Company Name) on reports (Rani Traders)

Changes made up to 25 May 2015

Para 96 now defaults to number of copies set wont allow you more copies.

UMS (Buying group for supermarkets) has a ftp file with special deals now it’s intergrated to the Special Deals in CompuByte when you press the f12 key in POS.

Changes made up to 23 May 2015

Now Cash Sales audit has stock items list – helps
if the terminal fails to write to server (error occurs)

Changes made up to 21 May 2015

Now you can do a Day End the following day (Morning) – Date Selection ! !

Parameter 114 now you can totally disable Plus items by inserting a 1 in the parameter

Changes made up to 19 May 2015

Introduced parameters 364 and 365

364 – Insert 1 to include Branch Sales (Acc’s with <BRA) in stock Analysis and ordering (Rani Traders)
365 – Insert 1 to suppress the print out of Salespersons and Branch Transfers in Cash & Account transactions (Rani Traders)

Changes made up to 15 April 2015

Introduced parameter 363 – [SELL] Insert 1 and Access level to restrict inserting a minus selling price when using a plus item Example 1**8

Changes made up to 4 April 2015

Introduced parameter 362 – Insert a Drive Letter to Backup all stock files to \back-m on exit of software – keeps a secure backup of stock files Example C

Changes made up to 2 April 2015

Introduced parameter 361 – Insert 1 if you only want code (Eg 2-10/1-100 etc) to print on cash slip and A4 only instead of part ref [IMPEX]

Now Saving to Excel requires level 10 password.

Changes made up to 3 March 2015

Introduced parameter 360 – You can now set a default selling structure at a branch if it is you using different selling prices and you using <A= <B= <C= Structural pricing in special parameters.

Changes made up to 10 Feb 2015

You can now discount multiple items within a specific group by edited the group description and adding //(quantity)=(percentage discount) and example of this is bye 2 get 10% discount by 6 get 20% discount by 12 get 30% discount; to do this all you need to do is edit the description of the groups and next to it add //2=10 //6=20 //12=30. You can insert NOGD in a stock items special parameter to disable discount.

You can also set parameter 359 to 1 which will disable discount of multiple items in special parameters and use only discounts set in groups. When using discount of multiple items in special parameters you use the same formula as above.

Changes made up to 20 December 2014

In datagrid you can now remove columns from the grid for better formatting of reports.

In Stock Analysis you can now view items on laybuy that have not been taken out yet – very helpful when replenishing stock and not loosing a sale.

Changes made up to 8 November 2014

Introduced parameter 358 – You can now enter a maximum percentage that the selling price can be reduced by. (Alcapone stores)

Cash Draw now opens on Paid Outs – also cash paid outs reflected on Cash Till Analysis <

Changes made up to 29 September 2014

Restore button introduced on login screen – Use the restore button to restore login info or system files like passswords / operators etc

Now if you insert a equal sign (=) at the PLU input you get a drop down menu – you can right click in the drop down box and insert comments which can be used anytime you press the equal key (=) – These comments can be anything like Thank You ! Please visit our website at etc – Our newest client Ahmeds Textilles uses this to insert sewing/installation instructions – they insert things like booking/sew/sent sew etc. You can even insert most common look up PLU codes or searches into the lines Example : Thermal Printer [1-3 or even just [Thermal+printers (As long as you open a square bracket and then insert the PLU code or search characters)

Changes made up to 19 September 2014

Now in special parameters you can insert [MD 5 and the program will allow a maximum discount up to 5 percent and not more (you can insert any value after [MD) – You can also fix a discount by inserting [FD 5

Changes made up to 13 September 2014

Now all document emails will also have a document pdf file attached.

Changes made up to 31 August 2014

Introduced parameter 357 to remove Exports button from top right of screen.

Changes made up to 26 April 2014

Introduced revolving credit (scheduled payments) – You can now insert in Maximum Terms M6 or M12 etc in debtors form to do revolving credit on an account – Some clients are even using M1 to schedule a payment for a particular date.

Changes made up to 04 April 2014

Parameter 351 introduced – For Fiscal printer Zimbabwe BPN number

Parameter 352 introduced – Force account to be inserted for cash sales (Boogaloose & Shesha)

Changes made up to 26 Feb 2014

You can now set parameter 350 with and access level to ask for password when closing the point of Sale form either by pressing the X clearing form or logging off . . will also log this in the access usage file . . .

Changes made up to 24 November 2013

Parameter 93 has option 4 for rounding of end of document totals to 10c Example 12.98 will be 12.90

Changes made up to 15 November 2013

Now online support available from within compubyte (from Login Screen)

Parameter 184 now available – you can suppress cards cheques etc in payment method

Changes made up to 15 October 2013

Now full cloud backup using the dashboard to external FTP site on Hetzner servers – If you do have the dashboard installed please call CompuByte for an account number exclusive to your company.

Changes made up to 23 August 2013

Now you can have more pricing structures (Selling prices) – BY inserting <A=(price) or <B=(price) or <C=(price) in special parameters you can use that price linked to a customer or debtors who has next to their name <A etc. If set for branches you can set different price structures for the branches to.

Changes made up to 26 June 2013

The all new CompuByte Dashboard introduced visit for more info

Changes made up to 16 May 2013

Paramater introduced

348 – Enter 1 to not print ** DO not Supply etc on re-printed documents (BK Electrical)

Changes made up to 30 April 2013

Paramaters introduced

347 – Enter 1 to insert cost value when inserting plus (non stock) items into POS system

Changes made up to 19 April 2013

Paramaters introduced

345 – Enter 1 to disable the use of minus to delete any item in CASH SALES – used in supermarkets (LAXMI)
346 – Enter 1 to disable viewing of cost in ViewSales – Multiple terminals by date (LAXMI)

Changes made up to 10 April 2013

Please take note of our new telephone numbers :+27 11 791 3763 or +27 11 791 5063

Now when using the sizing option if on cash/account sales you sell an item that is not in the size grid the program will warn you of stock going into negative values.

Changes made up to 27 September 2012

A few customers selling on account (Account Sales) requested the option for multiple email addresses (or for long email addresses); you can now click on Extended Emails when editing a debtors account and insert emails in there – make sure you if you using more than one email address you seperate the emails addresses with a semi-colon.

Changes made up to 13 September 2012

Now by setting parameter 30 with an access code for selling below a specific margin (Example **7 in parameter 30) – you have an added security check for not allowing any item to be be sold below your preset profit margins even if you have set the selling price to below cost – You can however insert next to the description /BC if you really need to selll an item below cost.

Thanks to Americana Hardware we now have the facility to allow multi-level discounts when making payments to creditors. Example of this – In the discount input box when taking a discount just enter -10-5-2.5 this will auto calculate the discount as less 10% less 5% less 2.5%

Changes made up to 19 August 2012

Parameters introduced

Parameter 341 – Enable 1 line printing for supermarkets

Parameter 342 – Disable storing of account 1(Cash Sales) account history – also for supermarkets.

Now CompuByte has a loyalty program like most supermarkets/stores build in – All you have to do is set parameter 343 and 344 and when you doing cash sales you choose the database customers option. If you need to disable any cash account from getting loyalty points just insert [NP next to the name of the account. You can also put [NP in the special parameters to disable points for a particular product.

Changes made up to 17 June 2012

if accidently (by power surge etc) a stock group is lost; you can now recover the whole group from within the CompuBye program.

Changes made up to 12 April 2012

Introduced in Tools – Move stock codes – This allows you to quickly move a code from one
group into another – please use with extreme caution as history moves over but in reports
if an old code was sold/purchased this will now appear as a black code as a new location has been
set for it.

Introduced a screen saver for those clients who have pictures of their stock items ; these can
now be displayed after a set interval – just set parameter 340 to the required intervals to display

Many clients are now using our F12 key to manage all their personal appointments/messages etc –
Now by pressing F12 you can also arm your computer – by choosing 8 – If anyone moves the mouse the
ALARM will trigger off and a video will begin to record if you have a web cam atttached.

Changes made up to 20 March 2012

Many of out clients have complained to us about the stock print outs being very complicated;so we decided to just have one RED BUTTON on the stock reports menu which says “Quick Stock Print”.

We serve to simplify your needs.